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Some semi-recent musical noticings in case you’re on the lookout at the moment. It’s all electronic stuff, or at least in that ballpark, sorry, because, you know…


Boards of Canada’s old track XYZ was added to Spotify a few months back. They played this when they appeared on John Peel eons back, but it didn’t make the accompanying release because, I think, there were sample clearance issues. Lovely bit of vintage BoC, and unusually uptempo for them.

Societas X Tape

Another bit ’o BoC: Societas X Tape was their radio mix for the Warp Records NTS Radio takeover back in June 2019. This is a beautifully hypnogogic and otherworldly mix. I’ve been contemplating doing a podcast/mix, probably on Mixcloud because I’d want to use other people’s tunes, and this would definitely be a reference point, as would Blue Jam.

Random playlists

Curated Spotify playlists seem to be where Spotify shines lately. Here are some good ones I’ve noticed:

  • Relax Your Mind is lovely laidback fare assembled by Coldcut
  • WXAXRXP was put together by user Robert Bernardin, assembled from Warp Record’s various WXAXRXP radio sessions releases over the years
  • This is Plaid, being Spotify’s official best of Plaid playlist should by all accounts be an uninspired collection assembled by an intern after an afternoon’s Googling (or so I cynically imagine). But the choices are inspired. This on shuffle is my go-to listening at the moment
  • Okay, so not a playlist but a live set, but Autechre’s AE_LIVE_DUBLIN_191214 set is something a little different for Spotify

And that’s it really. Is it me or do people not talk about music as much as they’re used to?

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