Monthly writing round-up

Here’s some of the stuff I wrote for New Atlas in November:

  • On a point of pedantry, yesterday I wrote a thing about why Tim Berners-Lee didn’t invent the internet. Spoiler: the internet had already been invented. He invented the web. Lurches into the history of technology which it now occurs to me I have a degree in and should probably write more about.
  • I also got a bit annoyed with some of the coverage on a story on the potential of whales to fight climate change. The IMF reckon a great whale is worth about a thousand trees in terms of carbon storage, so obviously a number of outlets took that to mean that we should give up on trees and forests. So I wrote a thing calling that out a little a bit.
  • I was quite pleased with a piece I wrote on old Aztec farming tradition that one researcher thinks could help feed highly populated cities – provided there’s a nearby lake, that is. Now that I think of it, technology history-meets-futurism sounds more interesting than just technology history as a furrow to plough. Thinking face.
  • Finally, I shall say nothing about the curious case of the house with no knocker, because that’s the sort of piece it is. It did ****-all business, but I don’t care. More of this sort of thing – as much as I can get away with, anyway.